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Short, sharp, and glistening sweet, SNEEZE ATTACK's sugar infusion is the perfect soundtrack for Spring drifting into Summer, short sleeves and drinking beer with your beau on the front porch. A girl group vibe filtered through fuzz, Sneeze Attack's Maxwell LP recalls 90s South City singles, Sacramento's legendary Tiger Trap, and contemporary twee-rockers Bent Shapes. Sneeze Attack’s debut is twenty minutes of compact pop, including cover of songs by Head and Cub. 

Sneeze Attack formed in 2012 when Dino met Hans. The two started writing songs and roped in their friend Patrick for some shows and a single, Aurora. After gigging around with Dino's pet bunny and other furry friends, they hit the studio with Chris Woodhouse behind the board, Christine Shelly on drums, and Charles Albright on lead guitar.

01  No Good
02  Tragedy
03  Lucy Loves Johnny
04  Calvin and Susie
05  Who Am I?
06  Fever
07  Little Miss Know-It-All
08  Fool
09  One Last Kiss
10  Big Shadow

BRAT 002 / PSR 002